EMail Marketing Service

Tech Unlimited Email Marketing is a must-have for building your Online business. Easily create the message that's right for you With our Email Marketing, you do not need special technical or design skills to create html emails. If you can cut, paste, point and click, you're good to go.

Get your email in their inbox Constant Contact's deliverability rate is consistently over 97%. We keep our relationships with internet providers strong and offer content-scanning tools to get your message straight to your contact's inbox – not a SPAM filter. Track your results See who's reading your emails and clicking on your links in real time, and track the performance of all of your Email Marketing communications over time.

You've got live help from real people Get FREE, unlimited personal coaching and support – by phone, email, chat and in person. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Tech Unlimited Email marketing Benifts :

  • Create newsletters and HTML messages. No HTML experience? No problem. Our visually oriented process lets you deploy newsletters and campaigns in minutes
  • Manage email lists. Upload your lists and automatically keep them clean. This ensures higher returns from your campaigns.
  • Schedule and send emails. Distribute your email marketing campaigns, newsletters and direct email tactics whenever you want, to whomever you want.
  • Integrate, Connect with marketing tools, databases and CRM systems including Lyris HQ for Salesforce.
  • Request a Lyris HQ-Salesforce integration demo.
  • View reports. Instantly see how well your campaigns and newsletters are performing.
  • Improve email delivery. Get more emails into the inbox.
  • Protect your sender reputation. Use built-in deliverability analytics to find and fix problems that could result in bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints.
  • Segment and Target Emails. Send personalized, tailored messages to different subscriber groups.
  • Build email forms. Make it easy for subscribers to opt-in and update their preferences.
  • Trigger messages. Automatically send messages based on subscriber events in your campaign.
  • Use our API. Write simple programming commands to update your list in real time and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Oversee your account. Assign user access, workflow and other tasks.
  • Leverage our expertise. Get extra hand-holding or expert advice to solve your toughest challenges.
  • Enjoy our visually oriented message-creation process, leverage social-networking sites and send text messages.