Eduation Management Software Development

Education is the foundation stone to one’s career development. The education standard in India has been rising day by day with the increasing competition.

India is proving to be the global educational hub where many students from different countries are opting to pursue their career in India. With this, there comes a need of keeping the student record in every University and institution. The education management software helps in maintain the record of both the curriculum and the extra-curriculum activities of the student. The various features of the education management software are as follows:

  • Online Assignments
  • Parent/Teacher contact
  • FAQ related to admission.
  • Transport Management
  • Report Cards

Android app development
Android app development

We focus on building two types of

software for educators:

Special education software that helps students with intellectual disabilities reach their potential. Such solutions include:

IEP (Individualized Education Program) software to work with children with learning issues (brain injuries, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities) that qualify for IDEA services.

Evaluation and Assessment Software for Teachers and Students - can be designed to simplify the general educational process, save time, and spend more time teaching.

RTI (Response to Intervention) software to work with children with learning and attention issues. The RTI software allows the assessment of students’ knowledge. It helps to screen all children in the general education classroom, monitors their progress, documents data, and creates charts, fidelity checklists, and various reports.

Our education management solutions your business processes through automation and improving customer retention rates

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