With the most commonly used search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.
the advertisers and the stake holders are now a days finding it easy to invest in the pay-per-click tool. With the help of pay-per-click the advertisers can most commonly and conveniently reach out to the customers from their computer screens and make them aware of the business and products in the market.

The PPC also includes the banner ads which the web designer (TechUnlimited) chooses to display on the home page of the particular website. Thus, clicking the ad gives an advantage to drive the attention towards the product and its various attributes in the market. This enhances the customer attraction towards the particular product and in-turn prove worthy in making the returns from the business.


Undoubtedly one of the most distinguished advertising possibilities created by Google, PPC advertising lures businesses that aim to dominate search engine results for particular keywords. PPC provides businesses a unique presence on search engines and increased chances of relevant traffic.

PPC management is a detailed process which requires a lot of research and analysis. It's imperative that you choose a PPC Agency that offers professional Pay Per Click Advertising and will get you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

Reach your target audience with a well-managed and effective PPC Campaign

Benefits of PPC

advertising & marketing

With an experience of 12+ years in the web business, Dextrous is a leading name in PPC advertising & marketing business. With proven strategies to increase your ROI, our experts have the knowledge of what will work and what will not to create a sure shot successful campaign for our clients.

  • It helps in instantly reaching web users searching for services related to your Business
  • It gives you instant results unlike SEO which is a long struggle
  • It comes with the ability to run language specific campaigns
  • It offers functionality to target specific geographic locations
  • It allows you to target all devices separately
  • If managed well, it's a value for money proposition
  • No minimum investment requirements

The PPC experts at Dextrous can manage your campaign at extremely affordable prices



  • Search Advertising - One of your most crucial ad channels, Search advertising campaigns drive leads and revenue for the businesses.
  • Display Advertising - Display advertising gives digital marketers immense power in the form of phenomenal reach.
  • Social Media Advertising - Social Advertising is a powerful tool that combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to deliver profitable results.
  • Remarketing - Remarketing is a smart advertising technique which enables you to show ads to users who have visited your website earlier.
  • Google Shopping Ads - Also known as Google PLA Ads, allows e-commerce businesses to quickly place products at the top of Google search results pages.
  • Mobile Advertising - Mobile Advertising is a great option with mass reach and lower Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) than Desktop Ads.

What's included in

PPC Services?

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Bid Management
  • Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking
  • PPC Monitoring & Reporting

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