Web Hosting Services

We provide you the best of the services in web hosting. The web hosting services enables an organization to represent them on the internet through “world wide web”. The web hosting services require the definite web interface which can be customized according to the clients will and you can easily be able to update pictures, queries related to the work of the organization.

The web hosting services are mostly in demand as most of the organization wants themselves to be on the internet such that their products can reach to each and every corner of the world. With web hosting we provide the various data centres to our clients and the connectivity to the internet for the servers located in the data centre.

As Your Business Changes And Grows So Should Your Website.

While the purpose remains the same: to build awareness or sell a product, your site cannot sit still. We’re frequently surprised at how often a carefully-designed website looks and feels the same six months or even a year later. For a site to be successful, you can’t forget about it and focus all of your attention elsewhere on marketing the business. Potential customers only spend a few seconds browsing your site before they decide to move on and established customers want a reliable online experience every time they log in. A stale and stagnant site is sure to lead your consumers straight into the arms of the competition.

Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance

we also offer website maintenance and security services because we know site management and maintenance is essential to maximizing your online performance.

Attract New Visitors

One of the most important elements of fresh content is that it will drive new traffic to your website. Stale, outdated content will cause people to jump off your website quickly. When you update the content, you can share it with social media and other sources.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Another important element of website updating is that it will be indexed by the search engines. The search engines algorithm love new content, and will rank your website higher as a result of fresh content.

Satisfy Existing Customers

A website with the right elements will satisfy your existing customers. They will view and share your new content if they like it. When you get people to bookmark your website, and check it out frequently, you build a loyal audience.

Latest Trends in Website Maintenance

We believe that making a web site is not a onetime affair, it's a lifelong commitment. A website should be regularly updated with the latest about your company, brand, products & Services, News, Events, Awards, Locations & Contacts and anything else that might be relevant, geared to generate the maximum returns from your web site.

Talking about latest trends in website maintenance, the web space will be more occupied with:

Our Website Maintenance service will streamline your business processes through automation and improving customer retention rates

Web Maintenance Services: What we do?

We have a team of dedicated designers and programmers devoted to website maintenance. Our website maintenance services include updating text, photographs, videos and other graphics content, and redesigning web pages.

Maintenance plan for CMS websites

  • Version upgrade

  • Module installation and support

  • Update Text Content

  • Bug Fixing & Security Audit

  • Website Monthly Backup

  • Fixing Broken Links

  • Code Restructuring and Feature enhancements

  • Performance Optimization

  • Add, Edit and Delete Pages, Images, Links

Maintenance plan for eCommerce websites

  • Catalog Management

  • Add, Edit and Delete Categories and Sub-Categories

  • Inventory Management

  • Shopping cart bug fixes

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Data Feed Management

Maintenance Options

  • Hourly Charge: If your website needs update very rarely.

  • Maintenance Contract: If your website needs constant changes.

  • Hire a Developer: You can have a dedicated developer to maintain your website.

  • CMS: Development of a content management system which would enable even non-technical users to update content to your website.


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